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Safe Kids: Teens knit caps for infant abuse prevention

May 19, 2015
Jobs of America's Graduates students at Raymond High School knit purple caps for infants to receive as part of an infant abuse prevention campaign.

RAYMOND - Teen students are taking a stand against child abuse to make a difference in the lives of NH babies. At Raymond High School, members of the Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) program have taken on the Period of PURPLE Crying®'s campaign to CLICK for Babies. As the school year comes to a close, male and female students are knitting purple hats for infants to receive in the hospital when they're born.

During the November and December "CLICK" campaign this year, parents of infants born in NH will receive the winter hats. At these participating hospitals, all parents also get in-hospital education, take home materials, and access to an app to help them learn about the frustrations of infant crying, how to soothe and infant, and when to just walk away. The purple hats serve as a reminder of what the parent learned about the Period of PURPLE Crying.

Lisa King, JAG's supervisor and the high school's Youth Specialist, is inspired by the students' willingness to learn about the developmental stage of increased crying infants go through, all while learning to knit.

"Even the males in the classroom found this project important enough to participate in," said King, "They wanted to promote awareness within the school community and became passionate about the whole process."

The JAG students donated 28 hats to NH Children's Trust to distribute to hospitals participating in Period of PURPLE Crying training for parents of babies born there.

New Hampshire Children's Trust leads the Period of PURPLE Crying education in NH. As the NH chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America, NH Children's Trust takes the lead on eliminating child abuse and neglect in NH.