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The New Hampshire Children’s Trust would like to stay connected with you.  We all have a role to play in the elimination of child abuse and neglect.  There are things you can do as an individual or as part of a neighborhood, club, faith group or as an employee. You can send us an email, Like us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel  or Enewsletter, and give us a call.  Become part of the solution. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Let us know if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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    We are committed to connecting with childcare and medical professionals as well as parents. We now offer self-published blog posts by staff, board and community guest writers. Take a peek!

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    The New Hampshire Children’s Trust can provide expert comment on issues related to child abuse and neglect prevention.  We view the media as important partners in building safe, stable and nurturing families and communities by getting accurate information to the general public.

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    Like us on Facebook to become part of the solution community and stay connected to other concerned individuals, family activities, educational articles, infographics, resources, calls to action and updates on our work.

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    The Pinterest community is a unique one where people of all walks of life "pin" ideas, articles, cute photos, activities, crafts and more to a virtual pin board. We have a wonderful mix of child abuse prevention resources, children's crafts and activities and plain-old cute kid photos!

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