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Mindfulness is Prevention

SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL COMPETENCE, or mindfulness, is a child’s ability to interact positively with others, self-regulate behavior, and effectively communicate feelings. Mindfulness in children positively impacts relationships throughout life. When we foster MINDFULNESS, children are better able to understand and communicate with the world around them.

In many ways, social and emotional development opens the door to richer and deeper learning. Since relationships are the foundation of all learning, it makes sense that having strong relationships helps children learn.

Quick Tips

  • Read books about feelings and make sure your classroom library has plenty of books about feelings.

  • Talk about emotional expressions and what they communicate.

  • Encourage and reinforce children for using feeling words.

  • Notice and label children’s feelings.

  • Plan activities to teach and reinforce concepts about emotions.

  • Label your own feelings.

  • Reach out to your local Family Resource Center to discover new ways to encourage mindfulness in children.

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