Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy – With family budgets stretched thin, the answer for most families is more work—longer hours, more jobs, and less time to be with our families. The Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy is working to build a better future for working people and a more stable economy by fighting for smart policies that lift Granite State families and make our communities stronger.

MomsRising – We take on the most critical issues facing women, mothers, and families by educating the public and mobilizing massive grassroots actions.

New Hampshire Women's Foundation – Family and work are important factors in most people’s lives. So often, one area negatively affects the other, placing a sometimes unbearable amount of pressure on people. Working parents are not new in our society, but there are ways to lessen that pressure and make life a little easier for them. Our compilation of family and work research offers some insight on issues that arise when family life and the workplace collide.