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13th Annual

2020 Unsung Hero Awards

February is Parent Recognition Month!
Nominate a parent for NH Children's Trust's Unsung Hero Awards.

Do you know a parent or caregiver who shows one or more of these Protective Factors? 

Ability to bounce back from stress (Parental Resilience)


A strong support system (Social Connections)


Understands their child’s developmental needs (Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development)


Shows empathy and support toward their child’s feelings (Social and Emotional Competence of Children)


Not afraid to ask for help or receive help (Concrete Support in Times of Need) 


Protective Factors strengthen ALL families, reduce stress and promote family well-being! Stress is real, but when families increase Protective Factors, they build and draw on natural support networks within their families and communities.


Nominate a parent who may have overcome adversity, is a role model to other parents, or whose parenting comes with ease. The Unsung Hero Award will recognize 29 parents for the 29 days of February, Parent Recognition Month. Parents are defined as dual parents, single parents, grandparents, foster or adoptive parents. 

Think of a parent who has taken that extra step to improve the life of their own family or the lives of those around them and write a paragraph or two explaining why why they should be honored.Nominations will be reviewed, and Heroes carefully selected by the Unsung Hero Committee. All Nominations are due by December 15, 2019.