Period of PURPLE Crying® - For Professionals

The Period of PURPLE Crying is an evidence-based infant abuse prevention program that educates parents about a developmental phase of increased infant crying. The program was chosen by the NH Abusive Head Trauma Coaliton in 2010, so that all birthing hospitals would bring the same education to parents for the prevention of Abusive Head Trauma/Shaken Baby Syndrome.  The Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Injury Prevention Program, the NH Department of Human Services Division of Public Health, the Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire, and several health and human service providers around the state have worked to support hospitals adopting the program.

In 2012  New Hampshire Children’s Trust assumed a leadership role in this effort to bring information about the Period of PURPLE Crying to parents by providing technical assistance to hospitals to implement the program, supporting community based providers in reinforcing the program’s message, and spreading the word through coordinating public awareness.   

The program employs a triple dose strategy to introduce, reinforce, and promote the messages of the program.

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Maternity nurses in implementing hospitals are trained to share PURPLE information with mothers and fathers in the hospital after the birth of their babies. Each family receives a short film (either via a mobile app or a DVD) and an 11 page booklet about PURPLE Crying. Parents watch the film in the hospital and take a copy home to share with other caregivers. The booklet and film are available in 10 languages. In communities where the hospital is not sharing PURPLE, home visitors or other community based support providers can share Dose 1. Parents can learn about PURPLE individually or in groups.


Home visitors, pediatricians and other supporters of families with infants, can reinforce the message by talking to parents about the concepts taught in the program. If needed, the materials and education are provided to parents who missed getting the materials at the hospital after having their baby. 


A public education campaign gets information about PURPLE to all those who did not receive it through the above methods. We want to bring about a cultural change in the way we think about infant crying. To do this it is necessary to educate grandmothers, boyfriends, neighbors, caregivers and relatives about the PURPLE program so moms and dads will receive support from their community. This public education can be done via advertising, community presentations, and a national public awareness campaign CLICK for Babies.

For information on implementing the Period of PURPLE Crying including receiving technical assistance and program materials at no cost to you, and about the effort to bring this program to every baby in NH please contact Maria Doyle at or 603-224-1279

Research Brief: Primary Prevention of Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma: A Cost Audit and Cost-Utility Analysis