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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Concord, NH, Release: August 3st, 2020

Family Support New Hampshire (FSNH) is pleased to announce the launch of, a comprehensive website designed to connect parents, caregivers, and families with the community resources and supports they need to be resilient.

Established in 1999, FSNH is New Hampshire’s coalition of non-profit Family Resource Centers (FRC) and family support programs (FSP) that are designed to meet the needs of communities throughout the Granite State. Each year FRCs and FSPs strengthen thousands of families by promoting health, wellbeing, self-sufficiency, and positive parenting through direct support, education, and referral.

We’re serving grandparents caring for grandchildren, first-time moms, blended families welcoming second and third children, single fathers,” says Margaret Nelson, President of FSNH. “Our role is not to define the family; our role is to serve the family.”

Key to Family Resource Center success is their embrace of the “strengths-based” approach, which starts with identifying strengths unique to the family. From there, FRCs and families form a partnership to build on those strengths so to nurture protective factors that improve individual and family resilience. Programs and services provided by FRCs are free, voluntary, and completely confidential.

“No matter how much money you have, or what your circumstances are,” says Kelli Tourgee, Family Support Specialist and Parenting Group Facilitator, “We all need support.”

While programs and services may vary, Family Resource Centers are guided by the principle that children always benefit when their adult caregivers are supported. “Investing in caregivers is investing our communities,” says Margaret Nelson. “And when we invest in our communities, we’re investing in New Hampshire.”

For more information about programs and services available in your community, please visit

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