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Together We Thrive

The tragic death of George Floyd and the treatment of peaceful protesters are a symptom of the inequality and injustices that continue to plague our nation. Change is overdue. Change must happen.

New Hampshire Children’s Trust (NHCT) is committed to listening, to understanding, and to taking action. The singular focus of NHCT is to actively build community knowledge, skills, and resources to increase equitable outcomes for families. Creating safe, stable, and nurturing environments for children and families compels us to acknowledge and act against inequality and its many adverse effects.

This struggle is our struggle.

We are committed to working with fellow Granite Staters, government, and the public & private sectors to build a New Hampshire that is just and equitable for children, youths and families, and to breaking the cycle of inequality that holds families and their members back from success. Supported families are strong families.

Together we thrive.



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