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  • Embracing a Culture That Celebrates Children

    What kind of world do we want our children to live in? Is it one that celebrates them, raises them up, supports their early learning and development, and shields them from intensive stressors such as violence and poverty?

  • Honoring the Awesome

    Here at NH Children's Trust, we know you don't have to be Parent Of The Year to be an awesome parent! The parents we honor every February are singled out because they show significant strength, courage, empathy and are looked upon as role models by friends, family or their community.

  • 4,000 infant hats donated for CLICK for Babies!

    This year, crafters joined forces to knit and crochet nearly 4,000 purple caps for newborns. They'll be given to parents when they leave the hospital as a reminder of the Period of PURPLE Crying
    There is a stage in some babies' lives of increased and often inconsolable crying. This can lead to frustration and infant abuse in times of intense stress. The Period of PURPLE Crying informs parents about this developmental stage and provides coping techniques.
  • Portsmouth Regional Hospital to implement infant abuse prevention program

    PORTSMOUTH - It's 8 p.m., your infant has been wailing for 3 hours, you've done everything to soothe him or her and nothing is working. "Frustration" barely scratches the surface of what you're feeling. Many parents don't know that increased crying is normal and sometimes the only thing to do is put the baby down in their crib and walk away.

  • Spook safely this Halloween

    Trick or treat times, pedestrian safety and building neighborhood connections!

  • Why do we care so much about The Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program? Because it works.

    CHICAGO, IL, August 21, 2013 - It was reported today "the Affordable Care Act would force families to receive home visits from government officials to assess at-risk children."

  • We all have a voice

    CHICAGO, IL, October 17, 2013 – It would be easy to pause for a moment and celebrate the end of the government shutdown. And we should be thankful that hundreds of thousands of government workers, contractors and their families will now receive their paychecks, and that states don’t have to risk exhausting “rainy day funds” for programs such as WIC (Women, Infants and Children) and TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), which provide basic necessities to our most vulnerable, and youngest citizens.  

  • Two women honored for supporting local families

    PENACOOK - In towns throughout New Hampshire, family resource centers provide information and support to any family entering their doors.  In communities that do not have family resource centers, there are programs that provide the same kinds of services but do not act as a gathering place for families.  Family Support NH held their annual meeting at Camp Spaulding Tuesday recapping and congratulating hard work.

  • WIC still available in NH despite government shutdown

    According to Deidre Dunn Tierney at DHHS, WIC Program services are continuing in NH. Although the Federal Government has shut down, WIC in New Hampshire is able to continue to serve WIC participantsuntil further notice

  • The search is over- Family Support at your fingertips

    Parenting is hard. No one should have to do it alone.

    That is why we've created a streamlined searchable database of home visiting and family support programs throughout New Hampshire. Helping families build a sense of community and trust is one of the Protective Factors in a healthy  family checklist!