Home Visiting

To find home visiting programs and family resource centers that serve the town where you live, click here. The goal of each is the same - to help families grow happy, healthy children by supporting parents and caregivers. 

Parenting can be hard work, made harder when families are isolated, under stress or facing multiple challenges. New Hampshire community agencies offer home visiting programs in every county.  

Download our Prenatal Support Poster to hang in your business, place of worship, medical office, or family resource center!

Effective home visiting programs, when they are implemented as designed, can have a profound impact on the health, well-being and development of children. Childhood injuries - including those from child abuse and neglect - decline.  School readiness improves. Parents become more competent, confident and nurturing in their relationships with children. Home visiting, especially for the youngest children when brain development is at its peak, has been endorsed by the Chambers of Commerce, the American Academy of Pediatrics and economists.

The types of home visiting services in NH are listed below, with links to more information.   

Healthy Families America - New Hampshire

Early Head Start

Early Supports and Services

Home Visting for family support and strengthening

Special Medical Services

For more on home visiting's effect on child development, click here. The Pew Home Visiting Campaign presents 12 studies highlighting gains in education, health and future livelihoods at less cost to taxpayers through home visiting.