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Resilience is Prevention

Resilient parents are able to manage the challenges that their family faces. This means creatively solving problems, building trusting relationships, maintaining a positive attitude, and seeking help when it is needed. Parents who are able to cope with the challenges of everyday life, as well as an occasional crisis, have RESILIENCE

Quick Tips

There are many actions you can take to build personal resilience:


  • Keep a self-care diary to help you to remember to make time for yourself each day.

  • Look for opportunities to go for walks outside during your day. Fresh air and exercise are helpful in managing stress.

  • Learn concrete exercises for increasing relaxation. For example, taking a few deep breaths, while thinking of a place that makes you feel happy, will stimulate the nervous system to send a message telling your body to relax.

  • Seek out connections.  Attend a community event to feel community support or contact your local Family Resource Center to get answers to your specific questions. It can help to know you are not alone in the struggle.


All parents experience stress from time-to-time. Thus, parental resilience is a process that all parents need in order to effectively manage stressful situations and help ensure they and their families are on a trajectory of healthy, positive outcomes.

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 the Strengthening Families Across NH Activity Book and the Prevention Month   Resource Guide 

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