The goal of the Volunteer program is to bring together compassionate individuals to support and assist in the daily operations of the New Hampshire Children’s Trust. We depend greatly on our volunteers who donate their time and talent to help. Without volunteers we could not accomplish or advance our mission.

Volunteers are used for a variety of purposes to help achieve the mission of the New Hampshire Children’s Trust: on committees, at special events, for clerical work and specialized office support. Volunteers are used for one-time or ongoing projects and support. To find out more email us or call 603-224-1279.

CLICK for Babies—Call for Volunteers

As we prepare to launch this year’s CLICK for Babies campaign, we need your help to maximize impact. We need thirteen SuperCrafters to help us manage our campaign. These superheroes (heroes, crafters . . . you decide!) will manage the campaign locally to meet the need for caps in an area of the state and assure that knitters and crocheters help spread the vital information of the PURPLE program. SuperCrafters will need to: 

  • Solicit and collect caps
  • Share information about the Period of PURPLE Crying through flyers and posters
  • Coordinate washing, bagging, and tagging caps (supplies provided)
  • Coordinate ensuring that 1-2 hospitals have the caps they need during October for distribution in November and December
  • Attend 2-3 conference calls and maintain communication with campaign coordinator
  • Store extra caps until hospitals need them

We’ve divided up the state into thirteen districts, and each can be served by one person or two or more working together. For more information, contact Maria Doyle at NH Children’s Trust.


Student Intern Program

Interns come from colleges around New England from both bachelor and masters programs. They work directly with administrative and program staff on projects that advance their degree field. The Intern program provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and build leadership skills. This hands-on program is designed to mentor and cultivate today’s young leaders, strengthen their understanding of the mission of the New Hampshire Children’s Trust and working in a nonprofit, and prepare them for their future career field. To learn more email us or call (603) 224-1279.

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