We are committed to providing high-quality, evidence-informed training to child and family care professionals in a variety of disciplines.  Families seek education and support from medical providers, parent educators, home visitors, counselors, teachers, religious leaders, librarians, and others.  We envision a state where no matter what door a family enters, they can expect to receive respect, empathy, and accurate information and education.  Our webinars, training and technical assistance assist child and family care professionals to become more confident and competent in their work.  Here are free pre-recorded webinars hosted by a variety of professionals on a variety of topics relevant to strengthening and supporting children and families.  After each webinar, we hope that you will let us know 1) how you increased your knowledge or understanding and 2) how you plan to put this to use in your work.  Feel free to let us know what we can do to improve this series.

  • Intro to Child Abuse Prevention (7 min)

    NH Children's Trust Executive Director Keryn Bernard-Kriegl gives a brief synopsis on preventing child abuse and what you can do to help.

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  • Healthy Homes One-Touch - a webinar for home visitors (59 min)

    Interested in helping your clients make their homes healthier and where to find resources to make this happen? The Healthy Homes One-Touch home visiting model will provide you tools to assess a home, provide healthy home education, and where to find valuable resources to remove lead hazards, make the home more energy efficient and remove asthma triggers.  This webinar will review the changes to the current One-Touch Check-up form and review the new e-referral system hosted by Fluidsurvey. You too can be a healthy homes advocate! This webinar was recorded live on June 27, 2013.  Please bear with us through the technical difficulties that come along with a live recording.
  • Household Smoking: What home visitors need to know

    "The US Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guidelines 2008 Update, Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence" and the Surgeon General's Reports on health outlines a model for tobacco treatment summarized as Ask, Assist and Refer to QuitWorks-NH (www.QuitWorks-NH.org).  Learn about this model as it relates to home visitors, in this webinar.   Teresa Brown of the NH Tobacco Prevention program presents this informative webinar. 

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  • Home Visitor Safety (53 min)

    Officer Paul Rondeau of the Manchester Police Department, shares important considerations for home visitors in order to stay safe.  He discusses what home visitors should consider both prior to and during visits, as well as what one should be thinking about to leave a client's home safely.  Officer Rondeau discusses the importance of sharing information with your colleagues and tips for diffusing an angry client.   Finally, he covers some general personal safety information from which anyone can benefit regardless of your professional role. 
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