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First proclaimed in the early eighties, April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time when our nation comes together to celebrate ways to make families strong and children safer.


By strengthening New Hampshire families with basic supports, increased social connection, parenting education, and information about children’s social and emotional development, families build resilience, drastically decreasing incidences of child abuse and neglect. We call it Primary Prevention.

What is Prevention?

Put simply, PREVENTION IS the act or practice of keeping something from happening—or making sure nothing bad happens. And the something we do to make sure nothing bad happens is the foundation of PRIMARY PREVENTION, the results of which often go unnoticed. 



Because nothing is difficult to see. We know, however, that in order to prevent incidences of child abuse and neglect, a whole lot of something has to happen.


PREVENTION IS advocating for legislation and policies that increase family resilience and decrease stress. PREVENTION IS investing in parent access to basic needs and parenting education. PREVENTION IS building nurturing environments so children can develop social and emotional skills that will benefit them throughout their lifespan.


PREVENTION IS creating and maintaining strong, thriving families. PREVENTION IS you, me, our families, and our communities working together to make children safer. 


Each of us has a role to play. PREVENTION requires something from all of us.

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Upcoming Events
  • Connecting During this Time of Isolation: A Conversation Among Parents —​ Wed, April 7th from 10-11:00 am​

    • Facilitator: Danielle Perrino, Greater Tilton Area FRC

    • Format: Virtual, interactive

    • Description: Connecting with others is more important than ever! Come talk with other parents about how we are taking care in these unprecedented times—share what you are doing to stay strong and hear some ideas from other parents. Reach out and connect and spend part of your morning focused on social CONNECTION and RESILIENCE. Do it for you! — REGISTRATION CLOSED

  • From Childhood to Super Hero: Helping Kids Find Their Cape —​ Wed, April 21st from 1-2:00 pm​

    • Facilitator: Linda Douglas, Trauma-Informed Services Specialist at the CASDV​

    • Format: Virtual Webinar​

    • Description: This workshop will discuss adverse childhood experiences and how young children can discover their own inner resilience by imagining they are superheroes. By discussing superheroes, their origin stories, and the choices they made for good, children can learn how they can also be resilient, find their cape, and make the choice to use their powers for good. — REGISTER

  • Reflect, Replenish, Be — every Friday in April at 10:00 am

    • Facilitator: Melony Williams, TLC Family Resource Center

    • Format: Virtual, interactive​

    • Description: Join Melony Williams from TLC FRC for a 10:00 AM coffee break every FRIDAY in April.
      Drop-in for the full 45 minutes or just long enough to reflect on the small things that you do to strengthen your family. Share artwork, journal entries, and stories that celebrate and support the important people in your life. — JOIN

Thank you to our CHAMPIONS of PREVENTION!
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 the Strengthening Families Across NH Activity Book and the Prevention Month   Resource Guide