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  • Experiencing Postpartum Depression

    One mother's experience with postpartum depression, her recovery, and the importance of realizing that she wasn't alone in her feelings.

  • Caring communities begin with all of us

    We cannot be in our children’s lives 24/7, but when we work together to cultivate caring communities that support children and families, we are putting them in the hands of people who truly care about their neighbors, families, friends, and the prosperity of our future.

  • My Voice Matters NH logo

    Advocacy Corner: NH Children's Trust legislative update

    What has NH Children's Trust been up to? NH Children’s Trust’s board of directors voted to promote the policies outlined in the CDC’s Essentials for Childhood Framework. In the past week, we have been busy testifying in support of three House Bills that support our state's children, parents and families.

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Building Resilience

    Adverse Childhood Experiences are a public health issue that requires a public health response. In order to make significant progress in preventing the health consequences of toxic stress, New Hampshire needs strategies in the four social ecological domains.

  • Kappa Delta: Strengthening families through the bonds of sisterhood

    A word from our Summer 2016 interns, Emily and Anna.

  • My Voice Matters: Think about the future

    Hearing him talk about his love of the Dallas Cowboys, Boston Red Sox and daughter, Anthony Accardi sounds like a typical father. But Anthony is not a typical father – he’s actually an inmate at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men in Concord.

  • Parent gone pro: Diane Hastings celebrates 10 years at NHCT

    Diane Hastings is a seasoned veteran here at NH Children’s Trust. With 10 years under her belt, she has held numerous titles and experienced a total restructuring of the agency. Naturally, Diane has become a staple of the organization, but her journey to Communications Director was anything but ordinary.

  • 3 years, 3 titles, and 3 lives

    These days, my life, my time and my attention are broken up into three categories: NH Children’s Trust, teaching yoga and my personal life – all of which I pour my heart and soul into. But, this wasn’t always the case.

  • My Voice Matters: From “a” to “A”

    Amanda Morin is a professional in child advocacy. She began her career as a kindergarten teacher and then became an early intervention specialist. If anyone was equipped with the skills and knowledge to raise children with special needs, it was Amanda. But when she had her own children, she said the transition from professional to parent wasn’t easy.

  • Intern: A real look at parental resilience

    Both of my parents have demonstrated resilience throughout my life. They have been through times of stress and crisis and have always managed to pull through for my siblings and me. The two of them have demonstrated resilience in their own way and because of that, my sisters and I were given our best chance.