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Throughout New Hampshire a growing number of grandparents, family members, and close family friends are stepping up to raise children whose biological parents are unable to care for them. These kinship caregivers provide safe and nurturing environments for children, but often experience significant challenges in their caretaking role.


In response, New Children’s Trust and New Hampshire’s network of Family Resource Centers have partnered to support kinship families through the statewide Kinship Navigation Program.


The Kinship Navigation Program is community-based and designed to strengthen and support the wellbeing of kinship caregivers, children, and their families. The program is free, voluntary, and confidential and links kinship caregivers with state benefits, community resources, information and referrals, and offers supports such as food assistance, gas to get to appointments, school supplies, legal aid, additional financial assistance, and much more.


Placed in Family Resource Centers throughout the state, Kinship Navigators walk alongside caregivers and their families to ensure access to high-quality information, referral, and follow-up services that keep kinship families safe, strong, and successful.


Caregiver education and support groups are available to help families with similar experiences make new connections and increase their social support networks. Learn more here

Not sure if this program applies to you?


The following are considered Kinship arrangements:


Division for Children, Youth, and Family (DCYF) placement




Legal Guardianship


Foster Care



For a detailed chart on the Kinship Navigation program click the image above.

What is the role of the Kinship Navigator?

The Kinship Navigator:

Helps kinship families access services through multiple local agencies and community supports. 

Provides relative caregivers with information and referrals regarding available resources and services specific to their family's needs, and assists them in obtaining those resources as a social delivery program. 

Provides relative caregivers with information and resources required for them to complete state and other benefits applications.

"We felt like an island. No one needs to do this alone."

—Cathleen Coburn, Kinship Caregiver

The Kinship Navigation Program helps kinship families find their way. Through a robust network of community connections, a wealth of knowledge, and overwhelming compassion, NH Kinship Navigators ensure families feel safe and supported.

Read the stories of kinship families like Cathleen's on our BLOG.

Kinship Activity Book

Activity Book

We are excited to announce the release of our third Strengthening Families Across New Hampshire Activity Book—the Kinship Activity Book! Designed for and by kinship families, this activity book engages kinship caregivers and their children in the 5 protective factors that strengthen families.

2022 Kinship_ActivityBook1.png

NH Kinship
Caregiver Guide

Kinship Guide-6th Edition-new design.png

NH Kinship Navigation Programs

KNP map for web-01.png

Download the Kinship Navigation Program Guide to access Kinship resources and community connections near you. 

PDF Resources

Download the Kinship Navigation Program brochure and the Family Support New Hampshire (FSNH) brochure to learn more about Kinship resources and community connections near you. 


Program Referral

To make a referral, please contact us at

If you are a grandparent or caregiver in a Kinship arrangement, click here to find a local service near you, or email us at for more information about the Kinship Navigation Program.

If you are a provider, FRC, or FRC-Q interested in our Kinship Navigation Program, please contact us at

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