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FACILITATING ORGANIZATION | As NH’s Facilitating Organization for Family Resource Centers, New Hampshire Children’s Trust (NHCT) provides backbone support, coordination, training, and technical assistance for the implementation of operational and quality control standards for NH’s network of Family Resource Centers (FRCs).


In partnership with FRCs, NHCT works to promote evidence-based programming, developing mechanisms for cross-network collaboration, monitoring progress, centralizing data collection and analysis, and guiding the implementation of Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support and Family Resource Center of Quality (FRC-Q) designation process.


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PRIMARY PREVENTION We know strengthening families through resilience, parenting education, basic supports, and knowledge of children’s social and emotional development drastically reduces the occurrence of child abuse and neglect.

We call that PRIMARY PREVENTION and increasing family access to Protective Factors, like those above, is what makes it work.

Visit the link below to learn more about our April Child Abuse Prevention Month Campaign.


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FAMILY VOICE Together, the Children's Trust, the Parent Information Center of NH (PIC), and New Hampshire Family Voices (NHFV) are thrilled to launch the Your Voice campaign, a statewide project dedicated to celebrating the critical role family voice plays in shaping services and systems throughout the Granite State.

Family voice is communicating your experience, your concerns, and your wants and needs to healthcare providers, educators, Family Resource Centers, and others so they have the right information to provide services to you and your family.



CONCRETE SUPPORTS FOR NH FAMILIES | The Children's Trust recently launched a new project in partnership with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and the NH Family Resource Center Network, and with support from Baby2Baby to strengthen family protective factors, by providing concrete supports in times of need.


The Children's Trust is committed to preventing child abuse and neglect before it happens. Our initiatives are informed by practices that enable children, families, and communities to thrive. ​Learn more about our programming HERE

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