Do you know a parent or caregiver who works on building one or more Protective Factors to keep their family strong?


Parental Resilience—Ability to bounce back from stress

Social Connections—A strong support system

Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development—Understands their child’s developmental needs

Social and Emotional Competence of Children—Shows empathy and support toward their child’s feelings

Concrete Support in Times of Need—Not afraid to ask for help or receive help when it’s needed

Protective Factors strengthen families, reduce stress, and promote family well-being! When robust, these factors help families weather challenges and stay strong. This year, we’re asking NH Family Resource Centers and other community partners to identify parents or caregivers who may have overcome adversity, are role models to others, or whose caregiving comes with ease. Nominees must be primarily responsible for the care of one or more children. 

The Unsung Hero Award will recognize 20 parents in February, Parent Recognition Month. 

Submit a nomination for a parent or caregiver by writing a few paragraphs explaining why should be honored. Nominations will be reviewed and Heroes carefully selected by the Unsung Hero Committee. 

Nominations due December 13, 2020. 

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The Unsung Hero Awards support our efforts to grow supportive communities, strong families, and safe kids. By becoming a sponsor for this event, you will have a lasting impact on New Hampshire children and families—the foundation of our community. 


Sponsorship opportunities are limited. This year, we are accepting:

  • 1 sponsorship at the Hero level

  • 3 sponsorships at the Family level

  • Unlimited sponsorships at the Friend or Neighbor level


Safe kids start with you. Don't miss your opportunity to sponsor a child's positive growth today!

For more information or to sponsor this event, please contact Kim Maynard, Development Manager, at kmaynard@nhchildrenstrust.org.


14th annual Unsung Hero Awards

Nominating Committee Members

Brian Beals, MD FAAP, NH Children's Trust Board Member

Claudia Ferber, NH Children's Trust Board Member

Erin Maskwa, NH Children's Trust Board Member

Janice Fitzpatrick, NH Children's Trust Board Treasurer

Sooze Hodgson, MD FAAP, NH Children's Trust Board Member