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NH Children's Trust and FSNH boats made a splash!

The Avenue A Teen Center hosted its Blindfolded Boat Race yesterday! This is a canoe race, with a twist! Boaters race the course at Norway Pond, with two people per boat- the person in the front has a paddle & is blindfolded. the person in the back shouts directions. In the FSNH "Barbie Boat" we had our questionably blindfolded Senior Director of Advancement, Nathan "Ken" Fink, along with Nisa "Barbie" Simila, the River Center's Communications and Money Matters Coordinator, shouting directions at Ken. In the "Nintendo" Children's Trust boat we had the very blindfolded and very lost Communications Manager, Carroll "Mario" Berg along with our very talented direction shouter and Office Manager, Jen "Princess Peach" Paveglio.

Barbie and Ken in the FSNH boat finished with a time of 3:52, Mario and Peach took the scenic route in their NH Children's Trust boat and finished with a time of 10:02.  This year's race raised over $8,000 for local youth at the Grapevine's Avenue A Teen Center!

Click here to see more photos and a small write-up in the Keene Sentinel:

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