National Association for Gifted Children - NAGC provides resources to help you be more effective no matter what your advocacy goals.

NH School and District Profiles – This site was developed in response to the federal No Child Left Behind legislation and to New Hampshire State Law RSA 193-E:3 as a way to provide information about NH schools and communities.

Out-of-the-Box Advocacy - There are many ways to advocate for your children with learning disabilities, but what do you do when the traditional routes just aren't working? Created by a mom of children with learning disabilities and special needs, this guide provides ways to go beyond traditional advocacy to take a stand and create change for your kids.

Parent Information Center - Parent Information Center (PIC), a New Hampshire statewide family organization, strives to achieve positive outcomes for children and youth, with a focus on those with disabilities and special healthcare needs. This is achieved through its partnerships with families, educators, youth, professionals and organizations.

Tips for Parents: Advocacy - Working with Your Child’s School - This article is from a seminar hosted by Ann Lupkowski-Shoplik, Ph.D. She provides numerous strategies on how to advocate for your gifted student in his/her school setting. - Have you ever wished you could make the world better for people with learning and attention issues? Not just for your child, but for every child and adult with dyslexia, ADHD or other challenge? The "Be an Advocate" Training Center will show you how. Here you'll find a quick guide to how to start being an advocate. You'll also find key tools and resources to help you change your school, community and even the country. Finally, you'll get information and training about laws that affect kids with learning and attention issues.