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Granite State families shall benefit from the merger between Family Support New Hampshire and NHCT

Concord, NH (June 13, 2022) – The New Hampshire Children’s Trust is pleased to announce that Family Support New Hampshire has now become one of its signature programs offered to families across the state.

Family Support New Hampshire (FSNH) is part of the National Family Support Network, a membership-based organization comprised of statewide networks focused on strengthening and supporting families. FSNH acts to bring together the diverse leadership found in the state’s Family Resource Centers (FRCs) and its support programs and establish a common vision for all in New Hampshire.

Cliff Simmonds, executive director of the New Hampshire Children’s Trust, said this new alliance will only add to the burgeoning number of strengthening programs available to Granite State families.

“The cooperation between the work being done at the Trust and our colleagues at FSNH will lead to greater advocacy for families, a stronger community of practice among the staff at the (FRCs), and greater continuity and awareness of family strengthening programs," Simmonds said. "FSNH looks to provide support, parenting programs, child development screening, information, and referrals so all Granite State families can thrive, while the Trust serves as the state’s Facilitating Organization for the Family Resource Centers, providing the support, coordination, training, and technical assistance for the implementation of those offerings.”

Erin Pettengill, former president of FSNH, said she is excited about what is to come for all New Hampshire families because of the merger.

“Like community itself, we are much stronger together. Without hesitation, I can say we share a vision of a New Hampshire where all families are strengthened and children grow up free from abuse and neglect.”

New Hampshire Children’s Trust ensures parents have easy access to high-quality resources and support to help children develop the skills they need to thrive. We educate direct-service professionals, advocate for better policies to support parents, and connect with local agencies to strengthen families and lay the foundation for children's success. The mission of NHCT is to lead the drive to ensure safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments for children by educating, advocating, and collaborating.

Paul Fleming Communications Manager New Hampshire Children’s Trust

(603) 415-0321



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