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In New Hampshire and across the United States, grandparents and other relatives play a critical role in the prevention of unnecessary entries into foster care. Despite this, these kinship caregivers often experience significant challenges and barriers to their caretaking role. With this in mind, New Hampshire Children’s Trust is working in collaboration with NH Family Resource Centers to develop and expand formal support services for grandparents and relative caregivers across the state via the Kinship Navigator Program.  


Kinship Navigators link grandparents and other relative caregivers, both inside and outside the formal child welfare system, to a broad range of services and supports that meet the needs of the children they are raising and themselves. They partner with caregivers to navigate available services, provide resources and referrals, and information and eligibility requirements for certain benefits.


Thanks to Federal and State funding, this program will grow in scope to provide services throughout the state of New Hampshire in partnership with NH Family Resource Centers. 

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The following are considered Kinship arrangements:


Division of Children, Youth, and Family (DCYF) placement



What is the role of the Kinship Navigator?

The Kinship Navigator:



Helps kinship families access services through multiple local agencies and community supports. 

Provides relative caregivers with information and referrals regarding available resources and services specific to their family's needs, and assists them in obtaining those resources as a social delivery program. 



Provides relative caregivers with information and resources required for them to complete state and other benefits applications.

If you are a grandparent or caregiver in a Kinship arrangement, click here to find a local service near you, or contact Diane Yeo, Family Support Specialist for Kinship Navigation, for more information about the Kinship Navigator Program.

If you are a provider, FRC, or FRC-Q interested in our Kinship Navigator Program, please contact Diane Yeo or Joelyn Drennan, Senior Programs Director.