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When families have the access to the 

resources they need, children thrive.

Today's children are tomorrow's parents, professionals, policy-makers, citizens. By investing in our youngest generation now, we are investing in the future. Together, we can ensure that all New Hampshire children—and all children in generations to come—have great childhoods.

Areas of Focus

Family-Friendly Policies


Positive Community Behavior


Easy Access to High-Quality Resources

= Stronger Families, Better Childhoods

Family-Friendly Policies

We're building a robust advocacy movement to ensure families have access to high-quality, evidence-informed child and family support policies, practices, and services.


We're working to increase family-friendly public and employer policies, such as paid leave, livable wage, and consistent and flexible work schedules. We're also informing eligible families about how to access resources such as Earned Income Tax Credit and Childcare Scholarship.


Positive Community Behavior

We're promoting positive community behaviors with individuals, families, professionals, state leaders, and decision-makers to ensure safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments for all New Hampshire children.


We're teaching people how to support their friends, family members, and neighbors with  young children. We're also increasing the number of families enrolled in home visiting programs at Family Resource Centers of Quality.


Easy Access to 

High-Quality Resources

We're strengthening the proficiency, visibility, accessibility, and efficiency of the family support and strengthening field to effectively serve families.


We're increasing the number of Family Resource Centers of Quality and training more professionals in the fields of Strengthening Families, Period of PURPLE Crying, ACEs-Trauma-Resilience, and Standards of Quality for Family Support and Strengthening.


Our Investment

Our strategies are deeply rooted in social ecology. We know that in order to end child abuse and neglect statewide, New Hampshire must invest in two generations: adults and children. To do this, we advocate for public policies that:

  • protect children

  • support institutions with family-friendly approaches

  • build communities that provide concrete supports to those in need

  • encourage families, friends, and neighbors to check in on loved ones

  • and give parents and professionals the tools and knowledge they need to build their capacities.

When all families have the knowledge and supports they need, their children are more likely to thrive in safe and nurturing homes. Having healthier childhoods initiates a cycle of better parenting. By investing in a child, s/he will strive to be a better parent as well. With the support of New Hampshire philanthropists, policy makers, care providers, families, friends and citizens, we can eliminate child abuse in the Granite State.

Your Impact

Eliminating child abuse in New Hampshire might seem like a daunting task, but there are so many ways you can help. Here are just a few:

Child abuse is 100% preventable. Together, we can ensure all kids have great childhoods.

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