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TOGETHER, New Hampshire Children’s Trust (NHCT), the Parent Information Center of NH (PIC), and New Hampshire Family Voices (NHFV) are thrilled to launch the YOUR VOICE campaign, a statewide project dedicated to celebrating the critical role family voice plays in shaping services and systems throughout the Granite State.

What is FAMILY VOICEAs children grow, the questions families ask and the information they share often make the difference in understanding a diagnosis, building an effective treatment plan, and informing the services they use every day.



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In other words, FAMILY VOICE is communicating your experience, your concerns, and your wants and needs to healthcare providers, educators, Family Resource Centers, and others so they have the right information to provide services to you and your family.

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While we know FAMILY VOICE is powerful, it's often hard to understand. And so NHCT, PIC, and NHFV hit the road to ask New Hampshire families what it is and why it's so darn important. 

And what we heard was incredible! For some it's POWER. For others, COURAGE. For others yet, it's VULNERABILITY. At times it's walking away from the table; at times it's coming back. Yet, over and over, we heard the same phrase: It is NEVER GIVING UP. 

After months and months of LISTENING, hour after hour of partnership gears turning, We've created an NH campaign to elevate YOUR VOICE and its incredible potential to shape the very services and systems Granite State families use daily. 

So please join us to celebrate FAMILY VOICE and its many shapes, shades, sizes, and colors. TOGETHER we can leverage each other's strengths to engage in this important conversation.

Campaign Resources
Campaign Resources



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