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New Hampshire Children's Trust Announces April is Child Abuse Prevention Month


Concord, NH

New Hampshire Children’s Trust (NHCT) and its many family-strengthening partners are pleased to announce that April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, a federal designation that for over 40 years has celebrated the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) of 1974.


This year, NHCT has partnered with Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA) to adapt their Theory of Change, re-imagining New Hampshire’s vast network of family support and strengthening programs as a comprehensive ecosystem of primary prevention that is aligned and places families squarely in the center of the systems and services they use daily. By ensuring broad access to early supports and services like home visiting, developmental screening, and more, parents and caregivers can do what they do best: provide a nurturing environment in which children thrive.


“It’s what PRIMARY PREVENTION is all about,” says NHCT executive director Cliff Simmonds, “making sure parents and caregivers have what they need, before problems arise, so the children in their care can thrive. And if we do that, we can create real and lasting change for generations to come.”


Because when we understand the caregiver journey, we work together to uncover upstream solutions to everyday obstacles and identify ways to increase the protective factors that research shows strengthen Granite State families. 


Please join NHCT and New Hampshire’s many family-strengthening partners, as well as Child Abuse Prevention Month Champions Prevent Child Abuse America, New Hampshire Department of Education, and Dartmouth Health Children’s to celebrate NH’s best investment, family. Visit for more information.


For more information about New Hampshire’s network of interconnected family-strengthening services and programs, visit or call 603-224-1279.



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